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Aesthetic Dentistry Awards 2018

March 23, 2018

The Aesthetic Dentistry Awards 2018 were amazing. I was a finalist in the category Facial Aesthetics: Full Facial Treatments. To be recognised for my skincare and facial aesthetic treatments from such a prestigious judging panel is an honour. 

I could not wait to be a mummy, it has been such a wonderful fulfilling time. Holding your newborn baby for the first time, watching them take their first steps and calling your name are just the most precious moments. I am now going to be painfully honest. At no point did I think my world could be turned upside down like it has. I would say that the sleepless nights have been the hardest for me. The constant vigilance and having no time for myself has been a shock too. I have always spent time on my appearance and looking after my skin, so when these two little boys turned up and my routine went out the window, I feel like my skin took the hardest blow.


With the sleepless nights and not having time to really eat properly, maybe cake and tea were a little too frequent… my skin definitely took the impact. Blemishes did appear, dryness, dullness, dark circles under my eyes and bags. The crow’s feet started to appear around my eyes too, and a large frown line which was never there before. Did this just happen overnight, or had I not looked in the mirror for 3 years.


Thankfully I am in the aesthetic industry so I have the knowledge to get to grips with this situation. I was adamant that I was going to get my skin looking radiant, glowing and fresh again. These kids would not win!


  1. Sleep?? When I can, I make this a priority.  It is tough but if I can do a quick supper and clean after I have got them to bed I will try and have an early night once a week.

  2. Eating well and hydrating. Joe Wicks has been a life saver.

  3. I always take my make-up off before bed and make sure I put a light coat of retinol or vitamin C on.

  4. SPF every day

  5. Glycolic peels every 4-8 weeks have completely changed my skin. I can see that my pores are smaller and I feel so fresh and radiant after. Just taking the time out and giving myself a treat makes me feel infinitely better.

I do love getting ready, putting my Bobbi Brown on, waving my hair, choosing a lip stick shade.

Since having my two boys who are now 3 and 1 I have been looking for more quick fixes. Things that can make my life easier and that I can do at super speed. I couldn’t stop putting make up on, its just in my DNA but I have about 4 minutes from serum to mascara.


I don’t think many of us mums have 2 hours spare to prep ourselves for the long day ahead.


I have found regular treatments my saviour, small amounts frequently to keep my skin in check has allowed me to have low maintenance day to day upkeep.  I’m 34 and my skin is in better condition (and I’m having a fraction of the sleep I used to have) than 10 years ago. More even pigment, smaller pores, less breakouts and smoother skin.


Over the years I have been getting regular peels to exfoliate and resurface the skin. Chemical peels with Glycolic acid have my favourite property…. collagen stimulation.


I have been having preventative anti-wrinkle treatments for many years. A little around my crows feet to start with to just smooth out some lines which are a genetic trait. I then added a little to my frown to stop the deep crease developing. Since my last pregnancy I have noticed my brows looking more low set, so small injections in the forehead have given my brows a lift. This keeps me looking alive.


Hyaluronic acid filler in my lips has been very subtle, just for hydration and to plump the collagen I have lost naturally. Hyaluronic acid is found naturally in the body and attracts water, so a perfect way enhances a pout. I haven’t gone for increased volume and no one has ever noticed this.


My must have product which has made my skin change significantly is Vitamin C. An anti-oxidant is a must for bathroom shelf.


Treatments are an investment. I have found I need less make up, and just feel much more confident with my skin.  Long term gain and less prep time.

What to expect from Anti-Wrinkle Injections

December 29, 2016

These treatments can smooth wrinkles, lift brows and make you look fresher. The aim is to look like a natural,rested, enhanced version of ourselves.

Most people feels nervous about their first treatment with a toxin like Botox or Azzalure. I always talk each patient through the procedure and listen to their needs. Giving the patient a natural, prettier softer look is the aim. 

1) Full consultation and analysis of skin . Before photos taken. 

2)Numbing cream if needed 

3) Full aseptic technique. 

4)Measurements and marking up for precise planning 

5) New tiny needles for each injection site with a freshly dilute toxin

6)Use of the vibratory pain relief tool if required and ice pack 

7) Anti-inflammatory cream and arnica used after treatment. 

8) Full discussion and written instructions of post procedure do's and don'ts 

The procedure is quick,comfortable and a review of the results takes place in 2 weeks. 

The costs include a top-up or adjustments within a month and personal contact with myself to discuss your needs.

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