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How Men's Skin is different

Male Skin
Texture and Thickness

Men have thicker, tougher skin caused by testosterone production. This is approximately 25% thicker than women skin. Thicker skin can make the wrinkles under the eyes look more pronounced. The skin also has a rougher texture, however the androgens cause the skin to be more resistant to ageing.

Men have facial hair which if shaved regularly can cause the skin to be sensitive and can ofter suffer from shaving bumps.


Men have larger pores and increased sweat and lactic production than women. Increase sebum production after puberty accounting for longer lasting acne compared to females. Larger pores and increased sebum production allows for more congestion and blackheads. The increased amount of sweat they produce and larger pores mean they are are prone to bacterial infection and acne. Men do have more hydrated skin, probably due to the natural humectant effect of sebum and lactic acid.

Sweat production is more excessive in men and this can be localised to under the arm, in the armpit region.

collagen and sun damage

Men have higher collagen density than women. 


 What has been observed by experts is men not protecting there skin from sun damage. This UV damage negates the benefit of increased collagen.